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 I am originally from Auburn Hills, MI. I have been in radio for about 15yrs now. I got my start at the very bottom as an intern doing all the fun things like getting coffee for everyone, shining their shoes, giving piggy back rides down 10 flights of stairs cause the talent didn't feel like walking that day and some other great things. Ok Ok! It wasn't that bad but I did start as an intern at 93.1 WDRQ in Detroit and did just about everything I could get my hands on from promotions, overnight DJ, night show co-host, morning show side kick, broadcast engineer and much more. I then moved on to 102.5 WIOG in Saginaw, MI to start on a Night show then moved up to having my own show again on the Afternoon Drive. I have a Huge passion not only for radio but for Music. I love to be on top of all that Brand New music that is out there each and every day. I also DJ (yes spin music) for weddings, school dances ect.....The best part of radio is when I can get out of the studio and meet everyone that I broadcast to everyday.

Favorite T.V./Movies:   There are so many! Mythbusters, White colar, Leverage, Gangland (only so I know what sign to throw up in my area so I don't get shot, lol), Greatest American Hero. Movies I absolutely love The Boondock Saints (only the first one cause the second sucked), Snatch, Avatar, Transformers and pretty much anything with Will Ferrell in it.

Sports/Activities:   I love to play everything. Basketball (1998 Oakland County slam dunk Champ) is my favorite, Football, Pool (no not swimming) and Drinking.

Tell us one Crazy Story from your Radio Career:  Well let me think of a family friendly one quick, lol. When I was an intern in Detroit the night show host there told me and another intern to take some fireworks across the border to canada, light them off so they could see them from the station and come back. We did this with no problem but when we got back he failed to mention that was a Huge crime of smuggling weapons (yes they are considered weapons) across a border. So needless to say if we got caught I don't think I would be in radio today.

Where do you see yourself in 10yrs?   Well hopfully I will still be kicking Butt here at the New Mix 107.3.

Last but not least Favorite food to make Quick:   Hot dogs but I would rather grill them or anything for that fact.



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If you look at my face there won't be 13 any place. What am I??


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Here is Your Top 5 List for Today



5 Halloween Costumes Your Coworkers Will Be Fired For In 2014


1. Ray and Janay Rice

Someone at your office might think it’d be funny to go to your company Halloween party in a Ray Rice jersey and his best girlfriend sporting a black eye.

If they do, their sense of humor will be considered twisted at best and offensive at worst (offensive lineman worst).

2. Blue Ivy Carter

Honoring the great Queen B by dressing as her princess child is a noble endeavor, indeed, until you add the afro.

Just like the BET producers who joked around about it, your coworker will lose his job. Natural black hair is no laughing matter. Seriously, I’m scared for my life just writing this.

3. Stolen celebrity nude selfie

No, your coworker won’t be getting points for the high-quality paper stock he used to print the celebrity nudes from The Fappening and The Fappening II. He will only be seen as an insensitive perv.

If your coworker wants to keep his job, he should leave those printouts at FedEx Kinkos.

4. Ferguson protestor and police officer

Honoring the Ferguson protestors might seem like a worthy cause, but will your coworker really be able to hold his hands in the air all night? No, he won’t.

As for dressing as a Ferguson police officer in full riot gear, this will only incite a heated fight about police brutality amongst your coworkers. The amusing irony of the real police being called to break it up will wear off quickly after someone gets fired.

5. The booty of Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea or JLo

We were all riding the big booty wave this year, but what no one is admitting is how uncomfortable all those exposed butts drenched in oil make everyone.

Sure, some people call it feminism, and your coworker might, too, but everyone else will call it grounds for dismissal.

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