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 I am originally from Auburn Hills, MI. I have been in radio for about 15yrs now. I got my start at the very bottom as an intern doing all the fun things like getting coffee for everyone, shining their shoes, giving piggy back rides down 10 flights of stairs cause the talent didn't feel like walking that day and some other great things. Ok Ok! It wasn't that bad but I did start as an intern at 93.1 WDRQ in Detroit and did just about everything I could get my hands on from promotions, overnight DJ, night show co-host, morning show side kick, broadcast engineer and much more. I then moved on to 102.5 WIOG in Saginaw, MI to start on a Night show then moved up to having my own show again on the Afternoon Drive. I have a Huge passion not only for radio but for Music. I love to be on top of all that Brand New music that is out there each and every day. I also DJ (yes spin music) for weddings, school dances ect.....The best part of radio is when I can get out of the studio and meet everyone that I broadcast to everyday.

Favorite T.V./Movies:   There are so many! Mythbusters, White colar, Leverage, Gangland (only so I know what sign to throw up in my area so I don't get shot, lol), Greatest American Hero. Movies I absolutely love The Boondock Saints (only the first one cause the second sucked), Snatch, Avatar, Transformers and pretty much anything with Will Ferrell in it.

Sports/Activities:   I love to play everything. Basketball (1998 Oakland County slam dunk Champ) is my favorite, Football, Pool (no not swimming) and Drinking.

Tell us one Crazy Story from your Radio Career:  Well let me think of a family friendly one quick, lol. When I was an intern in Detroit the night show host there told me and another intern to take some fireworks across the border to canada, light them off so they could see them from the station and come back. We did this with no problem but when we got back he failed to mention that was a Huge crime of smuggling weapons (yes they are considered weapons) across a border. So needless to say if we got caught I don't think I would be in radio today.

Where do you see yourself in 10yrs?   Well hopfully I will still be kicking Butt here at the New Mix 107.3.

Last but not least Favorite food to make Quick:   Hot dogs but I would rather grill them or anything for that fact.



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Sometimes you’ll find me hard and cold,
Other times I’m hard to hold,
Always present in the air,
If I’m ever gone, beware.

What am I?















Here is Your Top 5 List for Today



5 Marriage Rules that No Longer Apply



1. Pouting is an effective way to make your point

In the past, married men and women often fell into their defined roles, rarely stopping to reveal their true emotions if something was starting to feel "off" for fear that their partner might not understand, or worse, would reject them for it. But now all that is changing. "I try to help couples express themselves, even if they're worried that they'll appear too vulnerable," says Cheryl Gerson, LCSW, a couples therapist in New York City. In other words, if you're scared, say that out loud to your partner. You don't have to be tough and brave all the time. "You're human. Contrary to what you may think, admitting your fears and doubts will actually bring you and your partner closer," says Gerson.


2. Sexual desires should never be discussed

Once you fall into a sexual routine that works fairly well, you may fail to realize as a couple, you've likely reached only the tip of the sexual potential iceberg. It may take some awkward conversations and yes, you might risk some ego-bruising on both your parts, but human sexuality is an evolving practice that requires exploration and openness to keep growing. To minimize the chances of your partner feeling as though he's doing something wrong, or failing to satisfy you, call this new phase "an experiment," and say, "Tonight, I was thinking we could try something totally different, just for fun." Read up on practices you've never tried before, or just start from a "beginner's mind" going with what feels good in the moment — even if it's out of your usual comfort zone.


3. Seeing a marriage therapist is a bad sign

"Some couples think that if they admit that they're going through a rough patch, they're doomed," says Gloria Spitalny, EdD, a relationship counselor in Boston, MA. But the opposite is true. If you don't talk about — and try to resolve — your issues, they're only going to grow. "The sooner a troubled couple seeks treatment, the easier it is to fix the problems," says Spitalny. The majority of relationship struggles aren't about incompatibility — they're issues with communication and being unable to talk through your deepest sticking points. There's often a way to vocalize your wants and needs without upsetting or hurting the other person.


4. Husbands should be the sole breadwinners

Some guys are openly and proudly supportive of their wives' career ambitions and love to see them succeed. Other men might be supportive on the surface, but hardly realize the subtle tensions they put out there when your professional success triggers some very deep and primal ego-bruising — or what some call "emasculation." We're not saying you need to give up your job to get along — that's not even an option for most of us in this economy, and it's important to feel fulfilled by a career. However, understanding that your husband may be feeling this way, and being sensitive to that is half the battle to moving forward. Circumstances may not change — and you might not even want them to — but asking how you could make him feel better, and truly listening are the first steps forward to figuring out this tricky dance that, let's face it, with 40 percent of women now primary breadwinners, many couples are choreographing.


5. Fighting means that you have an unhappy relationship

Most married folks fight every day — and by now, we know that's not a dealbreaker. But, what about when one of you says something that feels earth-shattering — like if he admits he hasn't been attracted to you sexually for a long time because of your weight, or has intense feelings for a co-worker? New forms of therapy actually suggest that this is the first step toward a major relationship transformation that can bring you much closer and to a place of even greater intimacy. Not all relationships can be saved, but experts say that when you're finally able to get totally real with one another and work on solutions from there, you'll edge toward a kind of unconditional love that's unbreakable despite what stones are thrown. It's going to take some serious facing of the music on both your parts, but if you trod very carefully, respectfully and possibly with the help of a therapist, you could emerge not only stronger as a couple but as individuals, too — and that's where life gets really exciting.




Ways Men Can Better Understand What Women Need


Women Want a Good Listener

Unlike us men, women like to let it all out about how they feel by talking until the moon turns blue! We, on the other hand, would rather grab a cold beer, turn on our flat-screen HD television to ESPN and watch a great football game. It has been estimated that for every 9,000 words a man would speak in a single day, a woman could easily speak up to 20,000 words! WOW! So guys, women want men who will genuinely listen to them attentively.

Several key tips for you to use to prove to her that you are listening and interested are as follow:

– Maintain complete eye contact with her while she speaks.

– If a text or call come through on your cell phone, let it go! Keep your attention on her.

– Do not try to offer solutions or advice unless you are absolutely sure it is going to be received in a positive manner. Why? Because nine times out of ten, your solution will be totally opposite of what she wanted to hear. Been there, done that.

Women Want To Be Desired By Their Men

A woman wants to know that her man is sexually attracted to her. Sexual attraction entails leadership. This means that you should ALWAYS take the lead during intimacy. This also applies to online dating and first dates.

If you are out with a beautiful girl on your first date and you are dropping her off at her residence, be a gentlemen and try to initiate the first kiss or hug. If you are lucky and she invites you in for a “little night cap”, be passionate, give her some good foreplay, massage her feet and you are good to go!

Failure to display any sexual attraction to a woman will raise red flags. She may craft up thoughts such as, “Does he think I’m ugly?” or “Does he think I’m too fat?” So hug, kiss and touch your woman lovingly with desire. Women adore it when men confidently show their sexual side.

Women Want Men To Show Interest In Their Everyday Activities

Listen guys, your woman wants you to be her best friend! It’s that simple! And this feeling should be visa versa. You don’t have to go overboard with this but try to show some interest in whatever she does or whatever she is involved with.

For example, if she had a business meeting earlier in the day, ask her how it went. If she is in school and she had a tough exam, start a conversation about this subject. If you know she’s not feeling too well, run her bath water for her. If she loves to jog or walk, accompany her in the morning or go to the gym together. If she loves cooking on the other hand, organize a cooking class for both of you to attend. Now this next suggestion should be an easy one! if she has a favorite sport, spend time watching it on television or go to a game with her. 

Women Want Humorous and Witty Men

“I love him because he makes me laugh.” This has to be one of the most common responses women give when asked why they love the men in their lives! And believe it or not, they mean it!

You do not have to be a Rodney Dangerfield or Richard Pryor or Steve Martin, but having a good joke or two in your arsenal, is a huge plus for you! A great tip is to make fun of yourself or reference something you did crazy recently. Women absolutely LOVE it when a man is a little comical and doesn’t take himself so seriously all the time. However, please note that too much humor may come across as being needy and goofy. This is not cool and can be a major turn off.

Women Want A Man Who Treats Her Well and Respects Her

Men make the mistake of comparing their current spouses with previous partners and or even worse, their mothers. This is an instant turn off and these things can easily turn into big arguments! Instead, women want to be treated as individual entities, so focus on her strong points and don’t bring up the things that pisses you off!

No one is perfect including you and me. Be thankful for the good things and love her unconditionally.

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  1. Talking marriage from day one: That might be your aim eventually, but it’s a good idea to not talk about wedding bells on the first date. Even if you are meeting him for an arranged marriage scenario, make sure you get to know him first before you start talking about kundlis.


  1. Picking fights from day one: Of course there are legit things to get mad about, but if you’ve just started dating someone, then getting angry over every little thing sends out the wrong signals.


  1. Constant virtual PDA: Changing your Facebook status to ‘in a relationship’ after the first date might make you seem too needy. And the constant messaging and hourly calls just add to it.


  1. Making him talk to your family: Adding him to your family Whatsapp group post after the first date isn’t a great idea. Also don’t expect him to jump at your suggestion of meeting your family for the next date. We bet the moment you suggest it, he is already thinking of an excuse to run away.


  1. Disliking his friends: You might have met then briefly before you started dating, but dissing them on the first date isn’t a great idea. It gives out the idea that in future you won’t let him hang out with people he likes. Needy much?

Evaporate Hot Water


This is about as simple as an experiment can get. You just have to make sure it is very, very cold and you use very, very hot water. Simply boil some water, place it in a mug, head outside when the temperature is at -10 or lower, throw the water up into the air and watch what happens!


Frozen Bubbles


Anytime the temperature drops below zero, you’ll want to make sure you have some bubble solution ready. Why? Because you can freeze the bubbles! Warm up the solution in the microwave before heading outside and blowing some bubbles. Catch the bubbles on the wand and watch them freeze, then you can throw them, roll them or just crack them.


Pop a Pop


This one is simple enough, you just want to plan this experiment so you explode you can or bottle of soda in the middle of the night, waking up all of your neighbors. The best thing to do is leave the soda outside for an hour. Once it’s almost completely frozen, throw the soda, or drop it off a ledge to make your pop go pop!


Banana Hammer


Bananas are about to get a whole lot cooler. Place a ripe banana in the freezing cold outdoors and let it sit for about an hour. Then find something you wish to hammer, perhaps a nail into a piece of wood, and hammer away with your banana. Note that it will still hurt if you accidentally hit your finger instead of the nail.


Shrink and Re-Grow a Balloon


Find a balloon, and yes for many that will be the most difficult step, blow up the balloon and tie it up outside. The balloon will deflate, the colder it is the faster this will happen. Once you are satisfie

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